My Career                                                          

 I qualified as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) in  March 2011 and have took a franchise with the AA until June 2014.  I then re-branded the business as CP Driving, having accrued more than 100 passes!

Each year since being and ADI I have undertaken further training to make sure that my skills are current and able to provide a high quality service to each customer.

I am based in Builth Wells, Powys, however I am able to provide tuition in a much wider area if required.   

My career previously had been based in the area of leisure management. I did a lot of sports coaching during this time and feel that I am able to bring these teaching techniques to my driving tuition. It is very important as an instructor in any discipline, that the coach is able to find the right communication channel to reach the student effectively. This is vitally important in teaching pupils to drive successfully, it was also crucial within sports coaching.

I also have a thorough understanding of the concept of customer care and will endeavour to always provide an excellent customer service, commensuarate with the level of financial commitment that my clients will be paying.

To this end I have written a customer charter that can be found below.

Code of Conduct pdf.pdf Code of Conduct pdf.pdf
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Customer Charter pdf.pdf Customer Charter pdf.pdf
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Type : pdf

 I have been very pleased with some of the comments that my pupils have provided to me.  For example, Lowri said that I "was very friendly and made me feel at ease even when I made mistakes! I learnt to drive quickly and easily and enjoyed it too."

Ceri commented that I made her "feel completely at ease and was very encouraging"  also when asked what pleased her the most she replied "the encouragement, although everything was brilliant"

Nia informed me that "lessons were tailored to my personal needs as a student"

Gareth felt that I was a "friendly and relaxed instructor" who "made lessons enjoyable and less stressful."

Responding to the question, what satisfied you the most about you instruction, Kyle wrote "getting my confidence up while driving the car" and Michael said I was "very polite in pointing out my few mistakes"!