Below are pupils who have undertaken the Pass Plus scheme with me.  Generally we head over towards Birmingham and get on the M5 and work in busier towns and cities.  However if anyone has a specific destination they would like to work in, or a skill they want to improve we will do that within the syllabus.  

Pass Plus Cymru will only cost pupils £20, so is well worth investing the time in. However if you have undertaken at least 20 hours tuition with me, I won't even charge you the £20!


Big thank you to Anna and Sarah who completed Pass Plus Cymru with me on 26th of March. It was a pleasure to meet you ladies, hope it was useful to you. Good luck in the future and safe driving.


 On November 28th Jess had the pleasure(!) of spending 6 hours in the car with me completing Pass Plus. Good drive Jess, just watch that speed mow and again! Good luck in the future.

Sian and Rachel undertook the course on September 6th; I've never seen the M5 so quiet!!  Well done both, it has been a privilege to meet you and help you gain your licences.  Good luck in the future. 

Want to book Pass Plus Cymru, or find out more about Pass Plus, click on the links below:


On 14th March Amiee and Michaela completed pass plus.  Thank you for insulting me throughout the drive! Good job I'm not sensitive!!Well done both, it was lovely to see you again, drive safely.  


Hannah and Mike completed the course with me on September 12th.  Mike had man-flu, but coped remarkably well!  Well done both it was a pleasure to meet you.