Customer Comments

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Verity said "Colin was very patient, friendly and extremely helpful. Learnt so much and felt very comfortable and confident for my actual test"

July 2014 


Molly said "Very professional, easy to talk to and knows what he's talking about"

Jun. 2014      


 Danielle said "being understanding with my working hours and working around them"

May. 2014   


Krissy said "Made me comfortable and at ease"

Apr. 2014 



Chris said "Teaching methods are brilliant"

Mar. 2014

Michaela said " was easy to contact to change lessons"

Feb. 2014


Aimee said "Speed of instruction.."

Jan. 2014

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 Archive comments -2011-2012

 I believe it is very important to ensure that my customers are given the opportunity to let me know what they feel about the service I provide.  Therefore, I provide a survey to all my clients and ask for honest feedback on the service they have recieved.  A copy of my survey can be downloaded below.  It is also important that I share the results of this information with existing and future customers, therefore these details can also be found at the links at the bottom of this page.

I have included some comments that have been made by recent customers when asked for one aspect of my service that satisfied them the most during their instruction.


Graham said "Very friendly and will recommend tp friends."

June 2014


 Jack said "the pace of the learning and the fact that it went in logical steps"

May. 2014    


Shannon said "explanations to help with manoeuvres were very good and made learning easier... and I passed!

May. 2014   


Grace said "Colin adapted to my nervousness, his calmness encouraged me to keep on driving"

Apr. 2014 


Miles said"Very straightforward and calm throughout and was nice to chat. Covered everything thoroughly without taking too much time.

Mar. 2014


Mica said "Driving was very enjoyable - everything was great."

Jan. 2014

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Click on PDF link for Customer Survey Results to 1st January 2014.